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Travelers' Info

Visas to Gabon

From the US For travel to Gabon from the US, please contact:
Consulate General of Gabon (in New York, NY)
18 East 41st Street
New York, New York 10117-6222
Telephone: (212)683-7371

Embassy of Gabon (in Washington DC)
2034 20th Street, NW, Suite 200
Washington DC 20009
Telephone: (202)797-1000
Fax: (202) 332-0668

American Citizen Updates

 All US citizens travelling or residing in Gabon or São Tomé & Príncipe are encouraged to sign up to receive updates from the Embassy. This allows the Embassy to know more accurately the number and location of U.S. citizens in country should an emergency arise.  There is no fee for this service.  American citizens may sign up online through the Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program or in person at the Embassy.

Travel Warnings & Travel Alerts

Travel Warnings are issued when the State Department recommends that Americans avoid a certain country.  The State Department issues Travel Alerts to disseminate information quickly about terrorist threats and other relatively short-term conditions that pose significant risks or disruptions to Americans.  The State Department recommends that travelers check the Travel Warnings webpage for the most recent country information. 

Country Information

The State Department's Country Specific Information for Gabon and Sao Tome & Principe provides information on such matters as the health conditions, crime, currency, entry requirements and other general information.  The CIA World Factbook and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also provide general information for travelers.

Overland Travel to/through Gabon

 Please refer to Gabon’s country specific conditions for the most up to date travel information. 

Please sign up online with the State Department, so we’ll have your information should we need to reach you. 

The Embassy Libreville duty officer is always available to U.S. citizens in Gabon in case of an emergency after the embassy is closed for the evening and on weekends (Mobile: +

Q: What documentation and fees are required to bring the vehicle into the country and drive it?

A: You must show proof of ownership of the vehicle as well as auto insurance.  See the State Department’s information on Auto Insurance.  You will be asked to pay an entry toll, approximately 20,000 XFA according to embassy personnel, and similarly to exit Gabon with the vehicle.

Q: What should we expect at border crossings and customs, entering and exiting the country? 

A: You will be checked for your passport and visa at the land border, and have that information recorded by an immigration officer.  You must have a visa before entry as they are not available at the border.  Your international immunization record (yellow booklet) will be checked that you have the proper vaccinations for entry into Gabon. 

Q: What registration and insurance, if any, is required for the vehicle to be able to drive in the country?

A: You should always have on hand original documents attesting to your ownership of the vehicle you are driving, but carry multiple copies to provide to law enforcement if requested.  See the State Department’s information on Auto Insurance.

Q: Will a U.S. driver's license be sufficient to be able to drive there?  Or will an International Driver's Permit be necessary?

A: The International Driving Permit is recognized in Gabon as of January 2009 and should be used in conjunction with your U.S. driver’s license.  See the State Department’s information on Road Safety.

Q: Will I, as a U.S. citizen, need to get a Visa for the length I will be in the country?  If so, how much is it?  And for the Spanish citizen?  And the French citizen?

A: U.S. and EU citizens are required to procure a visa prior to arrival at a Gabonese border.  Travelers have recently been turned away anticipating the ability to be granted an entry visa on the spot at land borders, airports and seaports.  Please visit the closest Gabonese embassy or consulate to your current residence prior to beginning your trip.

Q: Are there any special requirements for recording footage with our videocamera?

A: Footage at the Gabonese land borders, of military institutions, government buildings, and the Presidential Palace in Libreville are strictly forbidden.

Q: Are there any special requirements for traveling through the country?

A: Once you are granted a Gabonese visa, you are free to travel throughout Gabon.  If you are traveling south through Gabon to reach the Congos, Gabonese immigration will require you to stop and register your vehicle at the town of Ndende on the Tchibanga route south to Congo.

Q: What safety concerns, if any, should we be aware of?

A: The consular section advises that you travel during the day only.  Road conditions may be poor as May/June will be toward the end of the rainy season.  A four-wheel drive vehicle with a winch may be necessary to pass deeply muddy parts of the interior.  Heavily-loaded industrial vehicles or bush taxis/buses may drive erratically.  Be aware that you may be asked to pay an undetermined number of unofficial road tolls along the way, so please have many small 500, 1000, 2000 XFA coins and notes available.  If you encounter a barrier in the road, slow down and/or stop completely, and be patient and courteous with the individual or official.

Q: Is medical insurance a requirement to travel in the country?

A: Medical insurance is not required for travel through Gabon; however, the consular section advises that you travel with a medical evacuation (“medevac”) insurance plan for the duration of your planned trip  Should you require minor surgery or basic Western medical care, Gabon (and many of the countries you will be traveling through) will have limited services.  Please see the State Department’s website on available medevac companies and foreign-based travel insurers operating overseas.  Travelers must also carry their own supplies of prescription drugs and preventive medicines, as well as a doctor's note describing these medications.

Q: What, if any, vaccinations are required?  Are any recommended?

A: Embassy Libreville’s medical unit indicates you should have the following vaccinations:

  • Yellow Fever (required for visa)
  • Malaria prophylaxis (required)
  • Typhoid (recommended)
  • Meningitis (recommended)
  • Hepatitis A (recommended)

The CDC website also has additional useful information.

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